Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little info about the Handmade Coconut Soap Blog.

Pictured above is my Chai Tea coconut milk soap.

Now that I have a few followers I thought it was time to give a little more info about this blog. I am a handmade soap maker, I love what I do and love sharing my craft with the world. Handmade soap is kind of like food, there are many different kinds that are delicious and you want to try it all. So I got an idea one day to feature all kinds of soaps that I like or that I feel my readers would like and put them into collections. All of the soaps I make contain coconut milk so I really wanted to take the time to feature some other soaps made from this delicious natural treat.

Just like food I don't think you should limit yourself to one kind. We all try different types of food from Mexican to Thai and we all like different foods. I feel soap is the same might feel like Italian one day and try olive oil soap and then like Thai the next and try coconut milk soap. You might go to an Italian restaurant and the food isn't very good, but then the next day you try another Italian restaurant and it is the best. This is why I decided to put collections together so people could try many different types of one type of soap in one place.

With that said I hope you all will continue to follow this blog and see the many different kinds of coconut milk soap out there. I currently have a few other blogs that you might also be interested in. Please follow and help support any of them that you like. The links are below:

Handmade Lavender Soap
Handmade Rose Soap

I also have a main blog that features my soap and a lot of nifty recipes, ideas etc. that you might also like to follow at DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap

If you are a soap maker and think that your soap would make a good addition to any of these blogs please leave a comment to this post with a link to your soap and I will get back to you. Thanks so much and keep soaping!

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