Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW Sugar Lime Vegan Handmade Soap

NEW Sugar Lime Vegan Handmade Soap
I just had to feature my Sugar Lime Vegan Handmade Soap made with coconut milk.  This is one of my new creations...I'm absolutely in love with the aroma and the creamy consistency.

It's like sipping on a Mojito on a hot summer day. Bursting with Lime essential oil this soap is a real refresher. Sugar and mint leaves are embedded throughout the soap for exfoliation and a true Mojito experience. It's an absolute delight in the shower. Very refreshing and a great picker upper when you are feeling a little down."

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    1. with lime... mmmm... i hope it is as least at good as it looks:D. very creamy :) nice



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